4 Easy Yoga Asanas For A Fitter You

2 years ago | BY Akanksha Redhu

Time to stretch those limbs. It’s International Yoga Day! 

To kickstart our practice, we got blogger and yoga enthusiast to share with us  a super easy routine

Yoga, for me, is a way of life. My father introduced me to it in college, and I have practised it ever since. It not only gives me the best stretch (which feels better than any massage, might I add), it also helps me stay centred.

I usually do yoga after my morning walk, to stretch my muscles after they’ve been worked, improve circulation and give myself an energy boost. The best time to do yoga is early in the morning. However it is more important to do it regularly, whatever the time of day. I’m sharing four of my favourite asanas that are also easy
to do.

HoldingVrksasana (the tree pose)
This pose builds your core strength, is good for your ankles and helps develop better balance.

Holding4Virabhadrasana 1 (warrior pose 1)
It’s great for strengthening shoulders and back muscles, stretching core muscles and opening up the lungs.

Holding2Adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog pose)
This asana is good for relieving stiffness in the back from sitting at a desk all day. It strengthens your bones and helps with sinus problems and headaches.

Holding3Ardha dhanurasana (half bow pose)
This pose is a great energy and mood booster as it expands your heart and enables deeper breathing, improving circulation and getting more oxygen into your body.

Pay heed

  • Consult a health professional before practising any kind of exercise on your own.
  • Always listen carefully to your body. Stop immediately if you feel the slightest joint pain or pressure.
  • Start with the easiest of poses and then move to the tough ones. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t do a pose or complete a sequence. Push yourself just a little further every day.
  • Maintain a balanced pose with your neck, shoulders, knees and ankles in correct alignment.
  • Never hold your breath while in a pose. Constant, steady breathing is a must.

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