1 month ago | BY Huma Hazarika Sharma

Wear your hearts on your sleeves

Valentine’s Day is finally here, and those of you who’ve been hit by Cupid’s arrow off-late, have undoubtedly spent sleepless nights trying to figure exactly how to pull-off your first ever V-Day wth bae with nothing less than a 100% hit-rate. So, we thought we’d make the day just a wee bit less stressful, and help you figure out exactly how to dress up for the big day, or night (now don’t go hating on us now Anti-Valentine brigade).

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You’ve been together over a year, and you’re pretty certain tonight’s going to be the night that he’ll finally pop the question. Or, maybe you will #FeminismRules
We totally see coordinated HTT red for the both of you.

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LOOK1 copy 5
It’s been under two months, and let’s you’ve been looking forward to today, ever since you guys first got together. Nothing says young and in love than a #LittleRedDress and a matching (but not quiet) cardigan for you guys #CheesyButNotCheesy

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Yeah, sure you believe in the day, but you don’t want to be a pair of reds in a sea of reds, so you decide to go pink. We totes think it’s adorbs.

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LOOK1 copy 3So, you’ve been dating for a while now, and he’s not quiet put a ring on it yet, and you don’t mind ‘cos you’re still figuring out life, and putting the ‘M’ label on it is not your thing. So you dress cazh, with just the slightest hint of anything love-related.

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Make it love, but also make it fashun. You wouldn’t be caught dead in HTT anything, and mix ‘n match is how you like to roll. Reds with a bit of tan and faux snakeskin is the perfect balance really.