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Main Tera Hero

Top looks for women

  • Summer Holidays
    Summer Holiday

    No-Holds-Barred holiday dressing constitutes neon, wild hair and a whole lotta attitude.

  • Dancing Queen
    Dancing Queen

    Dance to your own beat with stylish outfits fit for a stage. Get comfortable and dance it off!

  • Cocktail Evenings
    Cocktail Evenings

    Flowy silhouettes and the right mix of elegance and femininity. Sweep them off their feet with the cocktail collection...

Top looks for Men

  • Campus Champ
    Campus Champ

    A collection of casual attire for the ruggedly handsome man. Goes well with your 5 o'clock shadow.

  • Stripe Tease
    Stripe Tease

    With the summer setting in, bold stripes and fresh colours are the go-to wardrobe moves.

  • Stylishly Solid
    Stylishly Solid

    When going classic, one can never go wrong with a solid colour. This collection is classic with some modern twists.