To Bin or Not To Bin: When you should toss out beauty buys

8 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

The Juice tells you when your make-up should stop going on your face, and go straight into the trash.

If you are a beauty junkie, chances are you are also a beauty hoarder. And if you do happen to be the latter, we’ve got some bad news. There is such a thing as mascara gone bad. Just like consuming expired milk isn’t going to do your stomach any favours, expired beauty products can cause break-outs, skin allergies, and in the case of eye products, pink-eye.

So when exactly should you throw out beauty products? Well, ICYMI, make-up products come with a POA (Period-After-Opening) symbol, which, FYR, looks like this.


The M denotes the number of months, and a Y denotes the number of years it’s good for once you’ve opened it. But if you find your newest purchase lacking in the above (which happens more often than you’d think), refer to the chart below so you know when to toss out your make-up buys.


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