New Year, New You: How to be more stylish in 2017

6 months ago | BY Kriti Asthana

A 4-point guide to a brighter, shinier you!

1. Change Your Hair

3Hair is probably the first thing you’ll think of changing when you think makeover, but also it’s also the most intimidating. If you are thinking of changing it up, have a reference image in mind. Do your research so you know precisely what you want. Consult your friends and stylist as to how you can go about achieving it for your hair type.

Cut It

If you dare, go for the pixie you’ve always thought would look amazing on you, or if you want to go short but aren’t completely sure how it would look, do it in batches. Go a couple of inches longer than you your goal length and give yourself time to adjust to it.
However, if you have the opposite goal in mind and would instead like to see yourself with longer hair in 2017, see a stylist and get all your split ends chopped off. It may seem counterproductive but once you get rid of the splits, you’ll have less breakage and your hair will grow faster once the damage is removed.
You could also just get a style change and get layers or bangs, or just change your parting. It’ll make a world of a difference.

Colour It

The right hair colour can do wonders to your overall look. It can bring out your eyes, your complexion, and it will take your selfie game to the next level. And with the plethora of products available and advancements in hair colour technology, you don’t have to worry about causing permanent damage to your hair.
When looking for inspiration, look no further than the Holy Grail of Inspiration Everything – Instagram. Look for specific hashtags – Would you like a #NaturalBalayage, #DramaticOmbré, or just a subtle combination of #HighlightsLowlights?
Be mindful of post-colour hair care. Try different oils and conditioners to see what suits your hair type best. Talk to a professional to address your individual needs depending on your hair care routine, your hair history (if it’s chemically treated), your texture etc. There are a lot of factors to consider.

At the end of the day, it is important to remember that it is just hair, and it will grown back, and if you absolutely hate the colour even after you’ve given yourself time to adjust to it, you can colour over it.

2. Change Your Wardrobe

1Experiment with silhouettes and colours. Try a boho vibe, a rock chic vibe. You never know what might work for you. If you’ve spent your entire life in basic jeans and t-shirt, never pausing to think what your personal style might be, or whether your style reflects you, this is a great time for some reckoning.

Cleanse it

First up, cleansing. You need to throw out clothes that are regretful buys (stuff you bought impulsively but never wore because it is way too ugly/ not your style at all). If you feel guilty about just tossing them in the rubbish, donate them. Or hand them down to a cousin. Too many things in your wardrobe can be overwhelming, and will make the process of putting together an outfit harder.

Have a style muse

You could be a fan of Taylor Swift’s girl-next-door style, Gigi’s athleisure or Kylie’s OTT bombshell looks. Look for the key pieces that your style muse tends to wear a lot. Case in point: Gigi’s white sneakers, Taylor’s plaid mini skirts and Kylie’s bodycon everything. Stock up on those basics as opposed to shopping mindlessly and buying whatever looks good on the model in the catalogue.

Update key pieces

Accessories are the key pieces in your wardrobe. Update basics like handbags and jewellery in accordance with your personal style.

3. Dress From The Bottom Up

4You need to get your shoe game on point if you are changing your look. A lot of people tend to put on their shoes as an afterthought after putting together the whole outfit. This is an amateur styling mistake. The wrong shoes will ruin your your entire outfit. It won’t matter if your hair, clothes, and nails are on fleek if your footwear isn’t.

4. Up Your Beauty Game

2Start with good skincare

Beauty begins with good skincare. You can’t buy the fanciest foundation and then cheapen out on moisturizer. Invest in serums, eye creams and never ever skip the SPF if you wish to age well.

Make Up

Whether you are a no make-up girl, a nude make-up girl, or a full-on glamazon with the falsies and the whole shebang, it is a personal choice.
If you are looking to get into makeup however, invest in good products because the wrong products can clog pores, cause break outs, and a host of skin problems you really don’t want to deal with.
Your foundation should be the exact shade of your skin, and your concealer should be just a tad lighter. Go for a blush that complements your skin tone. Peach looks gorgeous on beige skin tones while pinks work better on fairer skin. Don’t neglect your brows as they frame your entire face. If you are clueless as to where to start, look to YouTube for tutorials on literally EVERTHING.

Change your fragrance

Don’t go in for something completely new, but if you have been wearing the same perfume for a really long time, it might be time to change it up a bit.

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