3 things your ought to know about Fawad Khan

1 year ago | BY The Juice

Old-world mannerisms, a charming personality and rugged looks are not the only reasons why we love the Khoobsurat actor

 1. He’d do anything for  love  The actor fell in love with his wife, Sadaf, when he was 17. In an interview, he said that he was “dying to get married to her”. Since her father was dead against him being an actor, he took up a 9-to-5 job just so he could ask for her hand in marriage.

2. A little skin is always  a good thing  When asked what he found easier, dancing or going shirtless (NDTVMovies.com), Fawad retorted, “Going shirtless!” Yep, we aren’t complaining.

 3. He’s got ’em skills
Besides being a model and actor, Fawad used to be the lead vocalist for Pakistani band Entity Paradigm. Their debut album received much critical acclaim and they even performed on the third season of the popular TV show Coke Studio (Pakistan).

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